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Fundtabulous Fellows

Vivid Academy, Inc. | Adara Edwards, Fundtabulous Fellow
Adara Edwards is a freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage in her hometown, Anchorage, Alaska pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

About Adara & Her Work

Adara is visionary, creative, & caring. If you want to get her excited, talk about colors or introduce her to an animal, and she lights up! She has had exposure to illustrating, graphic design, filmmaking, web design, & crafting. No matter what discipline, she excels.

Meet Adara Edwards, 2021-2022 Fundtabulous Cohort

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that Adara came out of the womb as a creative, but that isn’t too far of a stretch because it’s probably coded into her DNA. Her mother, aunt, uncles, sister, cousin–fiber artists, jewelry designers, animators, photographers, musicians, poets. She can’t help herself.

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Adara began applying to art schools around the country in her senior year of high school. She set her sights high, and to her delight, based on her portfolio of work, she was accepted into the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, Georgia and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Though her confidence was boosted, she had to face the harsh reality that as the daughter of a single parent, the money just wasn’t there for SCAD’s $60,000 a year price tag. So, instead of getting buried in a mountain of debit, she will complete her basic courses at home as a Seawolf.

As a Fundtabulous Fellow, Adara will learn how to leverage her creativity to generate revenue from her own business as she pursues her education. Who knows? With your help, she may actually be able to generate the funds needed to get the best education possible and change her financial future.


Equipment Grant

Adara needs a computer powerful enough to run Adobe Creative Suite applications. The Apple M1 MacBook Pro is the perfect solution! We have budgeted for a $2500 equipment grant that will ensure that she has money for additional hard drive space and the required accessories.


Sincerely Adara

When she was 7, Adara’s mom gave her some beads to keep her occupied while she sold at craft fairs. Adara went to work immediately and took it upon herself to start making her products. (She even built a display out of a Capri Sun box and a toilet paper roll!) At 13, she added handmade journals.


$25,000 10X Goal

Over the next year, Adara’s Fundtabulous Team will work with her to develop and execute a strategic plan to generate 10x her Funder donations through her own business. Additional funding will be used for a stipend, seed funding, a possible travel allowance, and a 10% reinvestment into the fund.

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